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Beware of commenting on these topics, you may find yourself being followed by a court

 There is a set of well-known policies in social networks, which you may not violate, and every violator of these policies may find himself prosecuted, and Russian experts have called for the need for caution in dealing with several other issues that are no less dangerous.

Anyone should comment as carefully as possible on the events that led to human losses, and avoid talking sharply about political issues, as there have been cases that have led to some people losing their jobs, especially workers in the government or public sector.

As it is possible that some opinions can lead to more tragic consequences, as happened in the fall of 2020, when a family feud on WhatsApp led to the death of a person.

Because some argue that sharp opinions about religion, about banned organizations, and about the disputed territories are taboo topics, especially in Russia.

In the best case, the owners may be subjected to presenting clarifications and inquiries to the competent authorities, and in the worst cases, fines and even criminal penalties may be imposed.